“…with their ‘Gusset Musk‘ promo, Bastard explore our darkest, most primal lusts. Like latterday Caligulas, they exist at the heliosheath of desire and exultant, cathartic, release…” Reginald Weewax, Water & Power Quarterly

The mutant offspring of rock’n’roll’s forbidden fruits, Bastard’s unholy development rapidly gathered momentum amid the lambent radiation of their forbidden bunker hidden deep within the Cornish countryside. Combining twisted genetic elements drawn from the helixes of the Cramps, Ramones, Revillos, Monks, Count Five and a multitude of other malevolent musical sources with a trash culture aesthetic derived from grindhouse/exploitation movies, comic books and pulp fiction, Bastard perform only the most heretical verses of the Devil’s Music.

In an era wherein successive tedious waves of bearded hipsters and careerist dilettantes attempt to suck the electric energy from rock’n’roll in their efforts to reinvent progressive rock, Bastard stand erect – a bastion of unbridled excitement on a mission to daisy up your butterfly.

Join us hondos – come share the voodoo sex magicks of primal rock’n’roll, taste the salt tang of brine, and drink deep from our furry cup of illicit elixir.


LIMITED COPIES LEFT – the Tales Of Taboo EP – A six fingered mutant bear paw of radioactive rock’n’roll featurin’ the retro-futuristic ‘Woman In A Can’, long eared chiller ‘Night Of The Lepus’, fragrant live favourite ‘Gusset Musk’, shitkickin’ hoedown ‘Poultry Strut’, and the sensitive confessional classic ‘Prevert’… Plus bonus cut Screaming Weevil Blues. Order your copy from our online shop thingy!


NEW! OUT NOW – Torn from today’s headlines and the darkest fever dreams of the terminally misdirected, ‘The Five Fingered Foot’ offers further forbidden delights: ‘Power Bush’, Bastard’s WWF sponsored wake up call to those responsible for the genocide of the pubic louse; ‘Hipster Kryptonite’, taking a well-aimed blowtorch to WG Grace beards; ‘Goofball Frakout’, outlining the perils of generic substance abuse; ‘Vippity Voppity’, a tender love song; and live rug-cutter, the ‘Preacher’ inspired ‘Howdy Neighbour’. Be the first on your block to own one – Hurry!

© Bastard photos by Purple Knif and Pete Knight